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lthough people may have family, friends or colleagues to talk to, it’s not always possible to be fully open for fear of causing hurt, compromising others or worrying about appearing selfish or unprofessional. Counselling offers a highly confidential, completely neutral and calm space in which you can talk about every piece of the jigsaw that makes up your life. You may have withdrawn from relationships for one reason or another, and have thoughts constantly going round and round in your head- speaking out loud can in itself be therapeutic and provide some clarity.

You may have seen counselling in films or on TV, where the therapist says little and simply nods from time to time. This isn’t the kind of counselling I practice. I use a method called integrative counselling. This means I use a variety of psychotherapeutic models and methods according to what is appropriate for each individual. I create a personal and interactive relationship with each client based on mutual trust and respect. I will be listening out for the ‘story beneath the story’. I will sometimes be challenging and will often give feedback. Similarly I ask you for feedback too, it’s your space and it has to be beneficial to you. If you’re looking for a ‘nodder’ then I’m probably not the right counsellor for you.

Louise Tyler | MBACP Accred.

Counsellor / Relationship Counsellor

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am professionally trained to help clients explore thoughts, feelings and behaviour, seeing them from a different perspective and identifying important themes in what may be a complex web of issues and emotions. Looking at past experiences and relationships can help unearth the origin of emotions such as sadness, guilt, shame, anxiety or anger.

I help clients identify their true needs and wants, and explore new possibilities. Brainstorming scenarios and setting goals can lead to change that is realistic and in keeping with personal values and practical constraints.

By helping clients understand the neuroscience behind anxiety, panic attacks and depression, there is often a drastic reduction in symptoms.

Counselling can help you explore how you relate to others such as your partner, family and colleagues. Improved communication skills and assertiveness will lead to more fulfilling relationships.

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