“We were totally stuck in a rut, we knew we didn’t want to separate but just kept going round in circles. Since your sessions we’re communicating so much better, understanding and acknowledging the pressure each of us is under and prioritising the relationship. The whole household is so much calmer and happier.”

“Sessions with Louise helped us to be completely honest with each other. Some of it was painful to hear, but opening up means we’ve stopped bottling up resentment. Surprisingly we’re closer than we’ve ever been.”

“We’ve both realised that our relationship had suffered because of what we’d been through. We were taking things out on each other. Now we make sure we always talk about what’s troubling us rather then just withdrawing.”

“Louise acted as mediator when we could barely be in the room together without blowing up. Somehow she calmed us down and things became clearer once we weren’t constantly angry. We’re trying to make a new start and stop old resentments constantly getting in the way.”

“Most of all we’ve learnt to compromise and realise that neither of us is in the right all the time.”

“The ability to talk to somebody neutral about my problems has helped greatly.”

“Sessions with Louise have helped me become more resilient when dealing with difficult situations.”

“I feel more in control and much more positive about my future.”

“Louise has taught me ways to cope with and manage my depression, and provided me with strategies to build up my confidence.”

“Counselling has helped me to make difficult long-term life changes.”

“I now have ways of coping with my anxiety.”

“This has helped me keep things in perspective during a very difficult period in my life.”