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🔸Hands up if you’re fed up with hearing the term ‘mindfulness’ casually bandied about as if it was the simplest thing and the answer to any problem?

🔹The reality is that no amount of being in the moment or trying to meditate is going to make a difference, if the source of anxiety, anger, sadness or low mood isn’t identified and addressed in the first place.

🔸We’re all different - how we react to things depends on our current circumstances, past history and personality.

🔹In therapy sessions I help clients really drill down into a better understanding of self, identifying specific triggers and ingrained thought patterns, and how these relate to mood and behaviour.

🔸This awareness of one’s own mind is the basis for ‘mindfulness’, and forms the groundwork for the process.

🔹I also help clients address current difficulties and worries, working on finding a range of practical and realistic coping strategies.

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🔴 Until fairly recently, stereotypical beliefs around masculinity meant that there was a stigma around the idea of men seeking therapy, taught from a young age to bottle up feelings, muddle through and be self reliant.

🔵 Fine up to a point, but in our modern, fast moving, pressurised and uncertain world, issues such as excessive work stress, difficult relationships, family dynamics, illness, loss or grief can be the tipping point between coping and feeling vulnerable.

⚫️ Men often take on the role of ‘the strong one’ so it can be uncomfortable to admit to feeling overwhelmed. Therapy gives them the opportunity to talk things through openly in a confidential, calm and neutral space. Processing difficult issues, gaining a better understanding of self, as well as learn coping strategies leads to improved mood, work-life balance, wellbeing and relationships.

🔶The message is definitely getting out and I’m happy to say that over half my clients are male. In sessions we address:
▪️Anxiety, stress and low mood.
▪️Anger, aggression and irritability.
▪️Family dynamics past and present.
▪️Relationship issues.
▪️Self medicating with alcohol/drugs/risky behaviour.
▪️Work-life balance.
▪️’Imposter’ syndrome and not feeling ‘good enough’.
▪️Loss and grief.

For more details contact me in the strictest confidence:
07976 382073
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