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So many clients arrive in my therapy room saying they don’t recognise themselves any more. They used to feel healthy, confident, energetic, able to cope with busy families and busy careers.
Gradually they’ve found themselves feeling more anxious, not sleeping, over thinking everything, becoming easily irritated, low or exhausted. Dry eyes, hair, skin, aching joints, low libido and odd physical symptoms are starting to appear.

Most people think of menopause as jokey hot flushes and periods stopping. But it’s not as straightforward as all that. Fluctuating levels of hormones years before periods actually stop (peri-menopause), can lead to a host of symptoms. Usually at a time when women are juggling teenagers, ageing parents, careers and all the pressures of modern life.

If you can/are considering HRT, here are the links to some essential info about the different types. HRT has moved on since the days of synthetic hormones, and nowadays body identical hormones are far safer and less associated with side effects. (See links below).

If you’re not able or don’t want to take HRT, don’t suffer in silence - counselling can be a good place to press pause and reflect at a difficult time. Just understanding what’s happening (and that you’re not going mad), and learning techniques for managing anxiety, mood and poor sleep can make a significant difference, along with exercise, diet and other medications if necessary.
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